Generals Drawing & Sketching Pencils & Chalks

We have the Generals Pencil Factory Stand in our art shop and so we can offer you the following products as single items. Please contact us if you would like boxes.
Charcoal Pencils
An excellent quality pencil made of highly carbon and fine organic blacks available in 4 degrees of black and 1 degree of white. White can be worked over the black. All are pre-sharpened and have smooth cedar casings.
Peel & Sketch
General's® Peel & Sketch® paper wrapped charcoal is velvety smooth and convenient for quick sketching and artists on the go. No need to sharpen, just slowly pull the string, peeling away the paper to reveal more charcoal.
Kimberley Drawing Graphite
General's® Kimberly® Premium Graphite Drawing Pencils are extra smooth artist quality hex shaped drawing pencils.
Flat Sketching Pencil
Oval pencil with rectangular lead for quick, loose sketching, shading or filling-in large areas. Wood case sharpens easily with a knife.
Woodless Graphite
Generals Woodless Graphite Pencils are made of pure graphite. They're perfect for creating broad strokes and crisp edges, and they can also produce thin lines and render details as you draw or sketch
Sharpen them in a handheld sharpener without the mess of wood shavings.
Pastel Chalk Pencil
General's® MultiPastel® Chalk pencils have been handcrafted using only the finest artist pigments since 1926. Artist quality, pencils are blendable, acid and oil free. Great for pastel drawing as well as scrapbooking and multi-media projects.Made with genuine Incense Cedar wood.
Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencils
Handmade in small batches with rich, organic blacks to achieve intense drawing tones and values, Euro Blend™ Charcoal is a creamy, rich, premium charcoal drawing formula that can be used alone, or in combination with other charcoal, graphite, pastels, or mixed media. Euro Blend™ Charcoal pencils can also be used for quick layouts in oil painting.
Carbon Sketch
combines the smoothness of graphite with the deep rich blacks of charcoal. It lays down smooth, strong, jet-black lines for sketching, drawing, or layout. Perfect when used alone, it can also be combined with charcoal or graphite for a variety of effects.

Water soluble, non-toxic and photo safe grease pencils.For use on most surfaces including wood, glass and plastic. Ideal for photo cropping, tiles & ceramics, fine art, textiles, stained glass projects, templates and stencils.  
Sketch & Wash 
Sketch & Wash® pencil cores are bonded to incense cedar wood with exclusive "Carbo-Weld™" bonding process that ensures strength, reliability, smooth sharpening, and durability. Use with brush and water to create dramatic washes of gray and black. Draw directly on wet paper to darken lines and details. Can be combined with watercolor pencils, colored pencils, pen and ink.  When dry, can be erased.
Layout Extra Black Graphite Pencil
General's® Layout® pencils are extra smooth, extra black graphite. Ideal for outlining and sketching. General's® Layout® pencils have been used by animators since the 1930's. Made with genuine Incense Cedar wood.
General's® Little-Red™ All-Art® Sharpeners restore the Factory Point™ to your artist pencils.
 Ideal for charcoal, graphite, pastel, and coloured pencils.

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