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Art Spectrum Liquid Spectrum Ink

Art Spectrum Liquid Spectrum Ink
Liquid Spectrum Concentrated Artists’ Ink -
For Artists, Designers, Illustrators & Calligraphers
Brilliant, water-proof, lightfast colours, suitable for most surfaces.
Unlimited mixing potential.
Liquid Spectrum is a non-toxic, acrylic based artists’ colour.
It is suitable for use with brush, pen, colourshapers or airbrush and will adhere to most clean, non-greasy surfaces including paper, board, metal, glass, certain types of plastic, acetate and fabric. The brilliant transparent colours of Liquid Spectrum have many applications.
They can be used wet in wet,
for graduated and multi-coloured washes,
for tinting paper, calligraphy, multi-media works
and even as a 'traditional' watercolour when diluted with water.
Oil Painting:
The quick drying, high pigment content and strong adhesive qualities of Liquid Spectrum make it ideal for toning grounds and as a thin underpainting for oil colours.
Stain type washes or deep, saturated areas are easily created.
Excellent for blocking in areas of colour prior to overpainting with transparent or opaque oil colour (ensure Liquid Spectrum is dry before overpainting).
Sgraffito effects can be created by scraping or drawing into the wet paint with a Colourshaper or painting knife to reveal the Liquid Spectrum undercolour.
Art Spectrum Artists' Gesso (for oil and general painting) and Colourfix Primer White and Clear (for pastel and multi-media) can be tinted with Liquid Spectrum inks to create single and multi-coloured grounds.

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