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Nitram Charcoal

Much to the delight of artists everywhere, the renowned Nitram Fine Art Charcoal has returned. First introduced in 1962 and considered the best on the market, in recent years it had become difficult to obtain.
Now, the near-mythic Nitram Fine Art Charcoal is again available for artists to enjoy.
Inheriting the original techniques and processes of Nitram charcoal’s manufacture and honing the master’s process has ensured that its legacy as the best charcoal product in the world is honoured.
Nitram is the Preferred Charcoal of Professional Artists, Academies and Ateliers.
The unique manufacturing process produces a high-grade rich black charcoal that is neither compressed nor reconstituted.
Unlike other charcoal, Nitram is less prone to breaking, splitting or excessive dusting.
Nitram comes in different grades in colour-coded packs:
B, HB and H, as well as Extra Soft grades in a variety of larger sizes.
Nitram Académie Fusains - H (hard) 5mm
Nitram H can be sharpened to an extra fine point for creating fine detail in your drawing.
Also, the unique hardness of Nitram H makes lighter and mid tones easier to attain.
Nitram Académie Fusains - HB (medium) 5mm
This medium soft charcoal is the one most preferred for drawing and sketching.
Nitram HB’s superior hold is perfect for homogenising tones and retaining tonal detail.
Nitram Académie Fusains - B (soft) 5mm
For the discerning artist that requires a rich black for drawing, then Nitram B is the answer.
It is very soft, yet is still able to carry a point for working rich blacks into the paper or canvas.
Nitram’s extra soft charcoal comes in packets of 6mm, 8mm and 12mm rounds:
Petits Bâtons – extra soft round 6 mm
Bâtons Moyens – extra soft round 8 mm
Bâtons Épais – extra soft round 12mm
For those who like to work in the large:
Demi Bâton De Saule 25 mm (extra soft)
Maxi Bâton De Saule 50 mm (extra soft)
Nitram Bâton
Nitram charcoal has the advantage of rich blacks and a wider range of shades, helping artists to refine the values that will later define the finished piece.
Now, with the new Nitram Bâton, artists can enjoy even greater enjoyment and control over their work. Fantastic for both gesture and contour work, the Nitram Bâton provides a unique way to draw.
Designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette, a thin 4mm charcoal stick.
Nitram Bâton Mignonette (bâton refills)
Specifically designed to fit the nitram bâton. Extra soft.

Nitram’s Sharpening Bloc
for real artists with an appetite for sharp drawing tools! And it comes with a spare set of sanding surfaces!
Tired of narrow paint sticks with flimsy sandpaper?
No need for frustratingly small, thumb-sized pencil scrapers!
Ideal for shaping & sharpening charcoal
& other drawing media.

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