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Jacquard Fabric Sculpting Medium

Hardens all fabrics. It is ideal for fabric sculptures, lamp shades, collages, mixed media and more!
- Dip fabrics into the medium, drape, wrap or lay the material around a wire figure, armature or object and allow it to dry.
- Fabric Sculpting Medium dries fast but slowly enough to allow plenty of open working time. 
- After hardening, Fabric Sculpting Medium has a matte finish.
- It adheres to most porous and semi-porous surfaces, including already hardened fabric, and is perfect for mixed media applications. 
- Fabric Sculpting Medium can be used to make fabric sculptures, lamp shades, collages and much more. 
- Try stiffening fabric onto paper, wood, clay, metal wire or canvas.
- It can also be used as a fabric glue. 
- Dilute with water up to 25% for a softer hand. 

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