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Clay (Kiln Fired)


A strong, gutsy, 16# hand building body, excellent for burnishing and has good green strength. Smooth enough for throwing, it fires a salmon pink to deep, rich orange depending on the firing temperature. An excellent clay for school use, modeling sculptural busts or making garden ornaments etc. Fired with a suitable earthenware glaze to 1100ºC, this clay is ideal for all general hand building purposes. Bisque Temp 1000ºC - 1100ºC Glaze Temp 1100ºC Terracotta clays can be used without glaze at 1000ºC - 1200ºC.



An off-white, 16#, plastic stoneware body with excellent throwing characteristics for beginning throwers and makers of larger forms. This body has excellent green strength and is easily re-cycled after throwing. This off-white body is best suited to colored glaze decoration. Fires to white with a gray tint at 1280ºC. Will show excellent colored glaze effects at 1280ºC. Bisque Temp 1000ºC - 1100ºC Glaze Temp 1280ºC

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