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FW Artists Acrylic Ink

Acrylic-based, pigmented, water-resistant ink in a range of 38 colours, lightfast, intermixable colours. When diluted, similar to watercolour.
Washes will dry to a waterresistant film on virtually all surfaces and successive layers of colour can be laid over. Suitable for airbrushes and technical pens.
38 colours: White, Black (India), Paynes Grey, Cool Grey, Lemon Yellow, Brilliant Yellow, Process Yellow, Indian Yellow Yellow Ochre, Gold, Shimmering Gold, Shimmering Red, Flame Red, Scarlet, Crimson, Process Magenta, Flame Orange, Flesh Tint, Rowney Blue, Marine Blue, Process Cyan, Turquoise, Shimmering Blue, Indigo, Prussian Blue, Velvet Violet, Purple Lake, Shimmering Green, Olive Green, Sap Green, Light Green, Emerald Green, Dark Green, Antelope Brown, Raw Sienna, Burnet Umber, Sepia, Red Earth.

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