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Sennelier Drawing Inks

These traditional shellac ground pigment inks have an unparalleled richness and satine sheen with an opaque appearance.
Do not dilute with water or use in an airbrush as shellac based. 
For best results use with a nib pen and brush, fingers or sponge to manipulate the ink.
Sennelier inks, which are likened to China inks, are available in a selection of high quality colours.
Extremely rich, these inks are manufactured with shellac gum giving to each shade unique brilliance, brightness and vibration under light.
They can be applied with a brush or ink pen and give a satin to brilliant film depending on thickness.
They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance, without being indelible.
These inks are highly sought after for calligraphy, quill drawings and washes as well as for textile creations and materials research.
They can be protected with a pencil fixative in order to increase their light stability.

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