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Daniel Smith Watercolours

Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Watercolours are highly pigmented artist quality watercolours. They have excellent luminosity and lightfastness, and brilliant colours with excellent yield.
Primatek colours are made from naturally occurring pigments. The resulting characteristics of these paints vary based on the mineral. Most have a natural luminosity and many granulate.
Luminescent are iridescent colours that reflect light directly, like a mirror reflection, resulting in intense colour and sheen.
Interference colours refract and scatter light; they take on different hues depending on where the light is striking and the viewer’s point of view.
Duochromes bounce between two different colours depending on the reflective light.
Pearlescent colours add an opalescent sheen.
Description of important key colours:
Hansa Yellow Medium - High-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigment. Considered the 'perfect yellow', offers more control when mixing. Painters admire the purity of this primary pigment and adjust its temperature while avoiding a grey from a hidden complement. Think of a yellow pepper.
Manganese Blue Hue - Cool turquoise blue ideal for creating form or indicating space, medium-staining semi opaque pigment with wonderful granulating properties. A good substitute for Cerulean Blue, Manganese Blue Hue offers an additional advantage: it mixes well with other non-staining semi opaques to create a mottled texture in underlying colors.
Perinone Orange - Clear, clean vat pigment with a vast range from vivid intensity to pale and transparent fleshy washes. From carrots to soft gladiola and azalea petals, this pure chroma orange is a treat for the eye and a dream to handle. Use in place of Cadmiums when mixing and revel in its glowing transparency. Play with salt texture and lift and squeegee techniques.
Permanent Green Light - Organic semi-transparent pigment, with high-staining properties, yields a very clean, vibrant mixture. The Phthalo Green Blue Shade and Hansa Yellow Light used in this formulation gives it excellent lightfastness. Juxtapose Permanent Green Light with Quinacridone Violet for intense visual complements, or mix for an interesting neutral grey.
Ultramarine Blue - Plots cooler and bluer than the more saturated French Ultramarine. Temperature aside, both blues have equal permanence, lightfastness and semi-transparency. Ultramarine Blue is slightly less granular in concentrated washes. For less saturation, sedimentation and cost, use Ultramarine Blue straight, for vibrant crayon-like colour or mixed with a cool red for dark, effective neutrals.
Imperial Purple - Rich in texture, this highly saturated purple will granulate to reveal shades of plum and ultramarine. From the deepest purple, this semi-transparent and low-staining pigment continues to deliver as it is applied in ever more delicate washes to the palest lavender. Give a stand of garden Irises the royal treatment, or kiss the sunset with the softest touch.
Amazonite Genuine - Precious mineral Amazonite from Brazil, strong pure colour, completely transparent, non-staining and lifts easily for maximum versatility. 
Rhodonite Genuine - Made from jewellery-quality stone, this versatile rose pink is wonderful for portraits and landscapes. Used wet into wet, it creates a soft, transparent glow, without granulation. At full value, it is more intense but still transparent, low-staining and non-granulating.
Quinacridone Burnt Orange - Add to French Ultramarine sky washes to gray the blue mix and render a full value scale. Use Quinacridone Burnt Orange to modify Sap Green in landscapes to achieve rich, mossy greens that coordinate land with sky.
Quinacridone Gold - Everyone's favourite, Quinacridone Gold replaces Raw Sienna and adds versatility with its glazing and mixing capabilities. It is an excellent low-staining golden yellow pigment that can enhance any mixture. Try glazing an old "failure" with Quinacridone Gold to begin a rescue operation

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