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Derwent Artbar Watercolour Bars

New Watercolour Art Bar

With a beautiful creamy consistency, these triangular bars of solid, highly pigmented colour offer the artist so much creative potential. They feel luxuriously smooth as they release consistently rich, deep pigment. The wax based bars are also completely water-soluble and dry marks almost seem to melt under your brush. Used either dry or wet, Artbar opens up a world of expressive mark making and rich opaque colour.


Spritzer: use for spraying painting with water

Shave’n’save: allows you to shape Artbar, shave bits off and store for later

Scraper: use for creating different textures by scraping the wax marks


Top Ten Tips

Warm breath softens the Artbar surface allowing for easy blending.

Overlay ‘dry’ Artbar on top of wet washes for great mottled effects.

Two or more Artbar colours scribbled together can create broken areas of very vibrant colour and texture.

Producing Artbar artworks completely with dry strokes and then try laying your board or paper in water for a superb washed out look.

Texture can easily be added by flicking an Artbar with a stiff and damp paintbrush.

Sharpen an Artbar for tight details with the Shave ‘n’ Save and remember to save the shavings for mixing with water to create paint.

Scratch details into your work using the scraper.

Work dry into wet washes for instant blurred areas.

Great for distance and perspective in landscapes.

Tone down areas by working dry earth colours over bright colours.

Use opaque and light coloured Artbars dry to create negative shapes over dark areas. Great for silhouettes.


The differences between Inktense Blocks and Artbar

- Inktense Blocks are a sister product to Inktense pencils, so the consistency is fairly firm, which means the colour goes down quite thinly – like ink.

- Artbar consistency is much softer and creamy like an oil pastel so you get thick coverage.

- Inktense pigment is ink based, which means it is translucent and permanent once washed out with water, and allowed to dry.

- You can layer over colours and still see the earlier colours (which remain unchanged) through your next layer.

- Artbar pigment is very opaque and not permanent. If you go over the top of previous marks you can completely cover them up.


Guide to becoming an Artbar expert

- Artbar is described as a Water-soluble wax pastel.

- It has a similar consistency to an oil pastel, they are creamy and smooth. (the difference being you don’t need any solvents to dissolve them, as they are water-soluble)

- Because of their consistency they can deposit a lot of pigment to the paper really quickly. You can make really heavy marks by going over and over, and can layer colour over colour and build up some depth in your drawing.

- The colour is opaque which means you can’t see through it when you layer over a different colour. It is not like pencil or watercolour as you can easily go over what you’ve already drawn and change things. You don’t have to plan as much.

- Even though Artbars layer over one another when dry, you can also blend them by warming the page with your warm breath, or using the blending bar to help mix colours together.

- Mark making in abundance. There are so many different ways to make marks with the Artbar – the triangular shape instead of round shape gives an extra dimension to making marks, as you can use flat sides, thin edges, and corners; even the triangle shape at the end.

- Water-soluble – means you can create anything from a light wash to a thick opaque paint – it all depends how much colour you lay down before adding the water.

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