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Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour Sticks

From drawing to water colour!  Adding a unique dimension to art work, the colour can be applied dry and directly onto paper like a pencil, then wet with water to create stunning, soft water colour washes — even years later. Offering the same exceptional colour performance as Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours, but in a stick format for increased versatility.

Professional Water Colour Sticks are fully intermixable with Winsor & Newton Water Colour tubes, Water Colour Markers and Mediums. Transportable for use on-the-go as easily as in the studio.

58mm length, 8mm wid,e 8mm high, 6 grams in weight.


FAQ's on Professional Water Colour Sticks

How do the W & N Sticks work?
The colour can be applied to paper like a pencil and then wet with water to create a wash; can be used directly with a brush like pan colour, or used to add detail to an existing water colour art work. 

Are the W & N Sticks the same quality as per tubes and pans? Do they use the same pigments?
W & N Sticks are the same high quality and use the use the same professional grade pigments as Professional water-colour tubes and pans. Pigment loading is optimum for the brightest colour performance.

Where can I use W & N Sticks?
The W & N Sticks may be used in just the same way as water-colour pans, for either painting outdoors, in a studio setting or even on the go. The sticks have been specially formulated so that they can be used dry and then wet – after any period of time.

How should I store W & N Sticks? 
W & N Sticks are soluble so should be stored in a dry place away from moisture and humidity.

What temperatures can W & N Sticks be used in?
W & N Sticks can be used in the same temperature as any other water colour range (between 0ºC and 40ºC).

What is the difference between a dye based watercolour stick and a pigment based watercolour stick?
Specially formulated using highly durable, light-fast pigments W & N Sticks will provide excellent permanence, well above that of a dye-based equivalent colour.

Can I use W & N Sticks with other traditional water colour paint (tubes and/or pans)?
W & N Sticks are fully intermixable with traditional water colour, and make an excellent complement to many water colour techniques.

Can I use W & N Sticks with dry colours (pastels, pencils, charcoal…)
sticks can be used in conjunction with other forms of dry colour.

Can I sharpen the W & N Sticks? How?
W & N Sticks do not lend themselves to easy sharpening, but the shape has been developed to facilitate the drawing of fine lines.

Why is there a label on the W & N Sticks?
Like water colour pans the sticks are highly pigmented, which means that some colours look quite similar in their concentrated stick form; the label provides a useful colour reference. The handling of the water sensitive sticks is also made easier and less messy by having a label with added perforations for controlled removal. 

Can I use W & N Sticks with water colour mediums?
Yes, the sticks can be used with the all Winsor & Newton Water Colour mediums.

What surfaces can W & N Sticks be used on?
The same surfaces used for traditional watercolour can be used for sticks.

How does a W & N Sticks compare to a pan/tube in terms of amount of paint?
A water-colour stick provides a similar amount of colour and usage as an equivalent Professional Water Colour whole pan or 5ml Professional Water Colour tube.

Do I need to prepare my surface before using W & N Sticks?
You do not need to prepare your surface. W & N Sticks can either be used directly on dry paper and then washed or applied onto pre-wet water-colour paper, depending on the desired effect. 

What is the finish of the W & N Sticks?
 Matt finish as per the Winsor & Newton traditional water colour pans and tubes.

Can I varnish the finished work?
As with traditional water colours, due to the sensitivity to water, varnishes should not be used. Conventional advice for water colours is to display art work behind glass.


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