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Derwent Inktense Blocks

Translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over.
Use them like pans of paint, apply to wet or dry paper, on their side to cover large areas quickly.
They can also be used on fabric especially silk.
Available in 12, 24, 36, 72.
We do not stock singles but are happy to get in for you boxes of 6 in one colour.
Grate'n'shake: allows you to mix paint and create your own colours. Grate the Inktense Blocks into water and then shake the container to mix the pigment.  Ideal for creating translucent colour washes or painting ink to cover large areas. 
Grippers: keep your hands clean! Comfortable rubber sliding grips to fit over blocks. 
Aquash Brushes see in our brush section - have barrels to hold water which is supplied to the tip 
Ten top tips for using Inktense Blocks
1. Wash clean water over your board or paper before drawing with an Inktense Block for a rich, flowing line.
2. Use the edges and points of your Inktense Blocks for superb calligraphic strokes.
3. Scrape some Inktense pigment using a craft knife into clean water to create vivid inks.
4. Work light over dark when the underlying colour is dry for useful negative shapes and highlights.
5. Rub the flat side of your block over rough watercolour paper for instant texture.
6. Re-invigorate your work by using a decorator’s roller to apply Inktense ink.
7.Try mixing soft watercolour techniques with vibrant pastel style drawing.
8. Use an old toothbrush to flick Inktense ink onto your artwork. Be sure to use a piece of paper to mask any vulnerable areas.
9. Mix a little water with Inktense to create a strong ink before using a palette knife to paint.
10. Lay several colours down before sweeping a damp brush over the surface for instant blend ability. Wash clean water over your board or paper before drawing with an Inktense Block for a rich flowing line.

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